Jacob wrestling with angel

Swedenborg’s hidden project

From out of the blue, we read in the Old Testament (Genesis 32, v 22–32), that Jacob is suddenly wrestling with a man (or angel or God) in the wee hours of the morning!

Why this fight?

Theologian Emanuel Swedenborg tells us, and found out, that this contact and conflict represents—symbolically—a battle between one’s outer and inner person.

Why so early in the morning?

Because this special, inner battle must take place quite early in our own efforts to become genuinely more spiritual.

(That Jacob wins means he has overcome his deepest desires and successfully sublimated his heart and its primitive urges.

The Lord undertook this same fight on earth.

So did Emmanuel Swedenborg.  

And we, too—like Jacob—must join into the fray.

Otherwise, our faith will only lead us to an empty tomb, with scattered linens thrown all around the floor (remnants of our former faith).

That is what this book is all about!

It explains the fight and conflict we must each go through to get us onto the island of Patmos, and into the Holy City—the New Jerusalem!

Only God can take us there! That is why He said that if men destroy the Jerusalem temple (true faith) on earth, He could re-build it in three days! (from John 2:19). “Three” represents “fully.”  

This book will no doubt prove to be a valuable addition to your library on personal, spiritual growth—and real change.