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a tale for children and the wise

This “read together” family fable reveals a new view of Cupid, opening your mind to a fun new look at the symbolism in powerful cultural traditions and universal spiritual values.

This ageless tale borrows symbolic ideas from the Bible, powerful cultural traditions and spiritual values. Create a stronger bond with your child by sharing a story together that reaches deep into the human, God-created essence of true love and goodness.

This new direction in storytelling can be described variously as “a children’s story for the wise” or a “grown-up story for the inner child.”

Cupid & The King of Muck is an allegory that explains itself. Cupid is an angel of heaven who is given a divine assignment to hange the heart of the fearsome King of Babaloney, who rules the terrestrial kingdom of Muck. This original fantasy reveals a new view of Cupid and a fresh look at the symbolic images we associate with the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

The storyteller’s hope is that this journey into metaphor will bring enjoyment to everyone’s heart as well as stretch the imagination and create a future generation of loving citizens.


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