A fresh interpretation of Emanuel Swedenborg’s last work as a physical scientist on Earth:

The Worship and Love of God

Emanuel Swedenborg’s The Worship and Love of God, was his last work as a renowned physical scientist before fully embarking on his ground-breaking journey as a spiritual visionary. In this unfinished work, Swedenborg makes the connection between science and theology—and the inner workings of the human mind—laying the groundwork for a new kind of worship of the Lord, based on the startling revelations he received as a special dispensation from God. Beginning with the creation of the earth, Swedenborg describes the formation of plants, animals—and human beings—placing particular emphasis on the spiritual nature of Adam and his marriage to Eve.

A Book Written for Angels provides a penetrating chapter-by-chapter examination of Swedenborg’s unprecedented work and shares challenging insights that make this unique volume accessible to readers.


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