It is an odd experience to interpret a book where, as the interpretation gets deeper and better, its personal message gets more unflattering. This project brought me such an ever more unflattering experience.

In fact, as I was working on my fifth draft to this manuscript I detected that my writing was breaking down and would need much more effort to make it work, and to grasp what was truly unfolding before me. My knowledge (and understanding) of spiritual transformation was weak and not quite sincere.

By the middle of my seventh draft, I noticed that my sexual energy had changed, which changed the whole focus of my writing. I was no longer pig-slop (and lost a kind of inner jittery-ness). I wanted this project to really touch people deeply. It became my conscious labor and intentional suffering.

I admit that I first entered this project with an over-developed ego, which amazingly, I was extremely blind toward most of the time. Ironically, the topic of these “Tales” deals with curtailing one’s imagined self-importance and gaining a truer sense of one’s actual cosmic predicament and grasping reality, which includes God’s grand plan for the human race and the providential directionality of creation. So, I have entered into this challenging project for both the benefit of others as well as myself. Believe me when I say that we are all well off the mark in solving humankind’s deepest personal and relational problems!

Gurdjieff supplies us here with all the raw material to make a better world, but we must organize it and connect it all together. That kind of psychic re-ordering is what human understanding and rationality is supposed to do during genuine spiritual growth, by which evolution through the human species is continued into higher realms. This is our “cosmic duty.” But we must endure the shock treatment of discovering our current personal flaws (which instead, always prefer praise and constantly seek affirmation from others).

(I strongly suggest that the reader obtain an actual copy of Beelzebub’s Tales for reference and make primary source comparisons with the work before you. Plus, this will offer you a direct taste of an impartial and shocking view of contemporary humans and their negative trajectory toward a diminishing inner world of consciousness.)

Providentially, I have been put into a unique position where I can make helpful interpretations for studying the human dilemma. Any direct words and brief passages by Gurdjieff himself that are used in this book are for the purposes of reviewing, strengthening, interpreting and promoting his challenge to interested and concerned readers.

This book, because of its cosmic and spiritual importance, is more than a commercial project. It is meant for obtaining sincere spiritual profit—for myself, and for my neighbors!

The cost of this book transcends its price. Full payment will come from one’s personal efforts to grasp this information (with some bravery).

+ + +