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Three Gods or One God?
Keep Those Arms Up, Moses!
The Holy Trinity and Quantum Field Theory
Sexual Intercourse In Heaven
Scripture, Relativity, Quantum Physics and String Theory
Science without Religion is lame...
Loving Children for Heaven
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Three Gods or One God?

A short exploration of whether God is three persons or one person with three qualities. Can faith be non-rational? (488 words)

Keep those arms up, Moses!
This article gives readers a taste of why even the historical narratives of scripture contain a deeper language with infinite wisdom and meaning. (490 words)

The Holy Trinity and Quantum Field Theory
Theology interfaces with physics as this article shows why the triune nature of God represents the patterning principle behind the foundational laws of the universe. (450 words)

Sexual Intercourse in Heaven
Spiritual beings and angels enjoy all the pleasures that physical humans experience on earth. The only difference is that potency and delight in heaven is based on the spiritual quality of an individual’s heart and mind. (600 words)

Scripture, Relativity, Quantum Physics, and String Theory
A quick look at how author Ed Sylvia approaches the unification of science and theology from his new book, Proving God. (536 words)

Loving Children for Heaven
A short article on the scientific and spiritual importance of parental love in a child's early life.  (500 words)

God's Glass Ceiling
Is heaven an equal opportunity destination? This brief article describes the hierarchy of heaven and points us in a direction for achieving success in the afterlife.  (513 words)

A Scientist Learns About The Science Of Love
A parable about an encounter between a theoretical physicist and an angel, discussing the structure of Holy Scripture!  (632 words)

Circle of Life
A brief introduction to Emanuel Swedenborg's "Theory of Everything."   (398 words)

Conscience is a Spiritual Organ
Swedenborg always communicated his unique discoveries in religious doctrine from a rational and scientific perspective. This article briefly discusses the process of spiritual salvation from a physical point of view.  (433 words)

Creation and Evolution is Process returning to its First Principles
Science has yet to discover the key to the nature of causal agency in the universe because it has not successfully identified first principles. This is what hinders a meeting of the minds between
scientists and theologians. On the positive side, physicists are starting to come to the conclusion that the dynamics ruling the universe on a fundamental level are non-physical and beyond the
spatio-temporal arena.  (567 words)
Physics, Miracles & Magic
According to scientist/theologian, Emanuel Swedenborg, every created thing in nature
is a recipient form (receptacle) of God’s spiritual influence. This is why the universe has
a rational and knowable structure—it emerged out of Infinite Mind. It also means that all
form is adapted to some conscious disposition or intention.   (392 words)