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Spearheading an evolutionary movement to prove that all knowledge is interconnected and leads to Love

Staircase Press is at the cutting edge of a growing movement to unify science and theology. We believe our books are unmatched in showing how the universe was lawfully created from spiritual patterning principles within the architecture of God’s Holy Word (John 1:1-3).

Available on Amazon
This book describes how the processes of the physical world correspond to the non-physical processes of the human mind and spirit. It demonstrates how one can find profound spiritual wisdom in one’s backyard or garden.

PROVING GOD – Available on Amazon

The bold, award-winning book that unifies science and theology by demonstrating how the various branches of contemporary science dovetail into the dynamics and architecture of Scripture. The Bible is a living, multidimensional, theological and scientiic document.

SWEDENBORG & GURDJIEFF – Anti-Intuitive Essays for Personal Transformation
Available on Amazon

A powerfull little book that will challenge many of the notions and convictions that have been embraced by the world's best minds concerning reality. Are you brave enough to handle it?

Limited Edition!  
CUPID & THE KING OF MUCK – A Tale for Children and the Wise
This is something completely different and absolutely enchanting. It's the first in our series of "read together" original fables is written to bring out the inner child in the parent and the wisdom in the inner child. Lavishly illustrated and written with wit, depth and humor, this book makes storytelling fun, while expanding everyone's minds and imagination.
This book is no longer available at retail, but we still have a small quantity available.
To order, please contact us directly:

In Development Now...
We have several exciting new projects in the pipeline, ranging from thought-provoking explorations to more projects we can't reveal just yet. Stay tuned...