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Praise for Proving God
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Praise for Proving God

Proving God by Edward F. Sylvia, Foreword by Ian L. ThompsonEarly readers' comments on the advance edition of Proving God. In stores, Spring 2010, the book is currently available to reviewers.

Proving God is an ambitious project that aims to bring the theistic science and mystical theology of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) into the 21st Century where it belongs. Edward Sylvia achieves this goal from necessity: In order to make sense of the astonishing implications of contemporary quantum physics, an intellectually defensible model for spiritual-natural causality is an essential next step. In Sylvia’s judgment, this model has been waiting in the wings of science and religion for 250 years, for the science of ultimates to ask the proper questions. That time is now, and Proving God matches seminal problems of matter and energy with Swedenborg’s powerful ideas on being and becoming, with astonishing results. What emerges from this scientific treatment of divine metaphysics is a comprehensible world view in which spirit and matter are now finally and undeniably one. This is an important book.”

      –       Rev. Dr. Reuben P. Bell, Saco, Maine, USA
               President, Swedenborg Scientific Association
               Director, Samara Center for Practical Spirituality


“Sylvia follows the original route into metaphysics—straight through the heart of physics—and directly engages ‘the elephant in the living room,’ the utterly improbable symbiosis of complexity and coherence that is characteristic of both our universe and our minds.
His argument that the universe and our minds are profoundly akin is carefully framed, and his conclusion that the coherence is an effect of love and the complexity an effect of wisdom is far removed from simplistic romanticism. In his able overview of Swedenborgian theology, he presents a complex and coherent view of spiritual reality that not only welcomes partnership with present-day physics but urges it to continue its  pursuit of deeper understanding.”

             Rev. George F. Dole, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus                                                           Swedenborg School of Religion
                Author of A Book about Us: The Bible and Stages of our Lives,                                      and Freedom and Evil: A Pilgrim's Guide to Hell


“With breathtaking scope across the disciplines of natural science, Ed Sylvia brilliantly engages the metaphysics of Swedenborg’s theosophy in a penetrating interdisciplinary contribution to the ongoing conundrums of ‘who are we?’, ‘why are we here?’ and ‘where is it all going?’.  This is a tour de force offering an engrossing conversation on every page.”
           –    Rev. Dr. James Lawrence,
Berkeley, California
                 Dean of the Swedenborgian House of Studies                                                      at Pacific School of Religion of the Graduate Theological Union

“This book presents a fresh new integration between the physics of the natural and the psychology of the spiritual. Grounded in the unique writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, this modern synthesis shows how the divine human Love in God is the spiritual substance that forms the scaffolding upon which the material world is built as an external covering. The quality of our struggle for happiness now and the ultimate success of our immortal life are determined by how we incorporate this Divine Human Love into our individual personality, either by loving goodness through rational principles or by inverting Love and pursuing selfishness through false principles. People interested in the rational resolution between science and religion will appreciate this lucid new account.

Sylvia presents a rational account of how Love is the essential or primary substance that gives rise to both the mental world and the physical universe. Divine Love substance is the mental or spiritual reality that establishes the existence and order of physical reality and nature. All objects are forms of love substance. Look into any physical object deeply enough and you will see the same mental reality of love substance determining the object's properties and utility, which act as the cause of its existence. To remove love's purpose or teleology from something is to remove the object's etiology and existence. Without love there is no existence of any kind. Love substance exhibits itself outwardly as visible or measurable forms in infinite variety, and causes these forms to unite or combine into more complex clusters that become objects with specific properties and utility. All objects so formed by the purposes of God's Love, have the inherent propensity to unite in larger and more complex units or systems, and ultimately, in the universe as one integrated system.

Once you begin reading this fascinating book you'll want to come back to it again and again. It has a smooth topical flow that lifts the veil of ignorance concerning the most basic issues in life that people want to know. It is profound, with surprising and delightful insights on every page. This is a completely honest book. The content hangs together as a coherent and consistent whole. It succeeds in its claim to deliver a ‘grand unified theory of everything’ that ‘can come only from revelation.’ It presents in modern terms the unique revelation in Swedenborg's Writings.

I intend to use Proving God as a text in my theistic psychology course.”     

                         Dr. Leon James, Professor of Psychology, University of Hawaii
                          author of the Web-published Theistic Psychology Series (2001)
co-author of Road Rage and Aggressive Driving (2000).                       His online books and articles can be viewed at


“This is one of the most important works to be published on Swedenborg's Writings. You'd think Swedenborg was at a modern seminar on quantum physics. The author has Swedenborg talking the talk, using virtually the same vocabulary as the top scientists. Has Swedenborg come back? And of course, Swedenborg has the drop on everybody, the great physicists of our time are completely outclassed. The author really takes the physicists to task and does it on their own terms, in their own language. Very convincing.”

                       Stephen Koke,
                          former editor, Blue Planet Press, Nevada City, CA


“Updating a once-famous engineer, scientist, philosopher, and theologian from the age of enlightenment, Sylvia revives a perspective of reality that uses the concept of a universal singularity to unify the duality controversy over mind versus matter. Proving God displays an amazing range of collected study relating Emanuel Swedenborg's theories and experiences in the 18th century to current sciences from archeology and anthropology to neurology and quantum mechanics. This awesome undertaking is an interdisciplinary study well worth the time and deep meditation required for grasping its profound concepts of universal reality.”

                      –  Oliver R. Odhner & Rachel D. Odhner
                          authors of Mentics, A Mind Modeling Method

“Good work – original cutting-edge thinking around Swedenborg. This book is much-needed.”

                      –  Rev. Carla Friedrich, San Diego, CA

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